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                       H A I R   R E M O V A L - W A X I N G

LYCON WAX is the market leader in hair removal wax and is used around the world
     by many top spas and salons, frequently by international models and celebrities.

   NOW you can receive this unique treatment in our salon. Why is LYCON WAX the best wax to use?
   It removes stubborn hairs as short as 1 mm like no other product; it is pain free,
   because of the Pre Waxing Oil applied prior to waxing; it is suitable for sensitive skin; it assures
   finer hair re-growth with no ingrown hairs.


      1. LOWER HALF LEG                                             

      2. UPPER HALF LEG                                              

      3. FULL LEG                                                                          

      4. FULL LEG PLUS BIKINI                                                    

      5. BIKINI LINE                                                       

      6. BRAZILIAN BIKINI                                                        


G-STRING BIKINI                                              

      9. UNDER ARM                                                     

    10. FULL ARM                                                          

    11. FORE ARM                                                          

    12. LIP OR CHIN                                                                     

    13. LIP AND CHIN                                                   

    14. EYE BROWS                                                      

    15. SIDES OF FACE                                                 

    16. BACK WAX FOR MEN                                      

    17. CHEST WAX FOR MEN                                  

    18. CHEST AND TUMMY                                                       

    19. UPPER BODY                                                    

    20. ANY ADDITIONAL AREA                                                 

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